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despair in the absolutely no departure lounge

by on Saturday, September 28, 2013

there might be buildings and pretty things to see like that 
but architecture won't do 
although it might say a lot about the city or town 
i don't care what they've got keep on turning them down

it don't say the funny things she does 
don't even try and cheer him up, because 
it just won't happen

it might take your mind off the aches and the pains 
laugh when he falls through the bar 
but you're feeling the same 
'cause she isn't there to hold your hand 
she won't be waiting for you when you land 

then reality kicked in within us 
it seems as we become the winners 
you lose a bit of summat 
and half wonder if you won it at all 

don't say 'owt 'cause you've got no idea 
and she's still nowhere near 
and the thought comes closely followed by the fear 
and the thought of it 
makes you feel a bit 

despair in the departure lounge 
it's one and they'll still be around at three 
no signal and low battery 
what's happened to me

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